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Below are a few of the more recent things I've worked on - just to give you an idea. The projects are usually multi-faceted and can consist of identity design, collateral pieces, web design and development. For more information about any of the projects below, feel free to contact me and I'll be glad answer your questions.

(*Personal references from all clients below available upon request)



As Co-founder of 10Best and my full-time job for the past 10 years, I helped build 10Best from the ground up, cultivating it from concept to reality. Served as the main UI Guy and Web/Graphic designer for all aspects of 10Best – including 10Best.com and all design and development for our Solutions clients. As is typical with small, fast-moving companies, responsibilities were numerous and ever-changing.


Radisson Destinations

Radisson Destinations

One of 10Best's main clients is Carlson Hotels Worldwide (Radisson, Country Inns, Regent, Park Inn, Park Plaza, etc) and I have led the online site design work for all them as it relates to 10Best solutions. Radisson Destinations landing pagers were created to SEO and promote their "managed properties", and incorporating 10Best destination content as well.




ProSys, whose revenues have exceeded more than $440 million in recent years, is a technology company and reseller that brings together customized IT solutions and comprehensive engineering expertise, coupled with proprietary technology application to meet organizations unique business requirements. I was resonsible for their new simplified site redesign and development. I also currently maintain their site.


Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living : Readers Choice

As a strategic partner of 10Best, Southern Living wanted to take their 20+ year Readers' Choice Awards from "paper ballots" to an online experience. The 10Best ecommerce team was selected to facilitated the design, development, hosting, data collection and management of the votes, as well as to create a site that displayed real-time results for all the submissions - including user feedback functionality similar to that of the "Facebook" wall.


Southern Living Magazine

Brooks PR

My friends at Yourmark.com asked me to come up with a design for the Brooks PR group in NYC. Brooks PR handles the PR for celebrities like Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, Cat Cora, Gretta Monoham, Ingrid Hoffman - just to name a few. I came up with the design and initial htrml/CSS/JS.


Southern Living Magazine

Fuller Normal Charter School

Again, my friends at Yourmark.com asked me to come up with a design for the Fuller Normal Charter School in Greenville SC. They are considered an "Advanced Technology" Charter School, so we incorporated some nice technology for their site. I came up with the design and initial htrml/CSS/JS.


Wayfarer Ministries


Wayfarer is a ministry that does three main things: provide speakers for events hosted by other organizations and/or churches; create written, video, visual, and audio content, both for use by partner organizations and as resources available to the public at large; and minister in the upstate community. Working closely with the Wayfarer visual artist, Blake Berg, the new site was created.


Wayfarer Ministries

Wayfarer Camp - Website

Wayfarer also partnered with Anderson University and began their own "summer camps" that are really unique. So I came up with a design that matched their current "organic" feel and then had to build the site. It was challenging because their visual art genius (Blake Berg) doesn't believe in drawing "straight lines";) Building these CSS files felt a bit like doing advanced calculus or theoretical mathmatics. But it's good to keep the mind all streched out and in shape.


Wayfarer Ministries

Wayfarer Camp - Brochure

Wayfarer also asked me to create their 16-page 2010 Camp Brochure. Again, blending elements from a pile of resources, I think we came up with something that is fresh.

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Walden's Photography

Walden's Photography

Tim and Beverly Walden are considered 2 of the top portraiture artists today and are known around the world. Having known and worked for the Waldens for over 15 years, they are probably some of the most creative people I know - and they just "get it". The work I've done for them ranges from printed pieces and logos, to their websites. I've even spoken at one their marketing events once upon atime ...


Studio B


StudioB is one of the many successful products of Walden's Photography. Again for this, I've done a varitey of work including logo design and website design and development.


Black Ass Coffee Company

Black Ass Coffee Company

Brand new "edgy" coffee company, with some of the best "strong" coffee out there. This one is currently under development.


Wayfarer Ministries

Southern Light Photography

Charlotte photographer Jeff Carsten combines technical excellence, a passion for the art of photography, and a love of people to create a product that you will cherish for a lifetime. His photographs don’t just show what you look like, they show who you are. And Jeff is a total "creative character" ... and a blast to work with.



Andy Lehman

Singer, songwriter, musician, and general poet - and king of the "sneaky chord change" - is a close personal friend. I've done CD and web design for him. Andy wanted a simple site that had the "organic feel" that fits his unique style AND personailty.



David Walker

David Walker is a worship leader from Greenville SC. Also one of my best friends on the planet. I have played keyboards for him for the past 5 years or more - I can't remember - it's been a long time. But I threw this quick site together for him to promote his new CD - which, by the way, is incredible.