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sean o sears

I'm a designer. Always have been. 20 years now. Been doing web development for 15 years.
I love everything about it - creativity, problem solving, product development, analyzing needs and creatively exceeding goals.
I can't imagine doing anything else. Except full-time musician ... maybe.

Oh. I also love writing in small, choppy sentences ...

So what's with the "life preserver"?

If you haven't figured it out, my initials are SOS. My name? Sean O'Hara Sears.
So by devine design (with a little help from my parents and irish heritage), the initials SOS emerge along with the theme of "help and rescue" — which are too obvious to ignore.
So there you go. I help by design.


My History

I was first introduced to "graphic arts" in college when a designer-friend of mine convinced me to work as a graphic artist designing billboards. I was always drawing and sketching, and my major in college was Advertising/Marketing, so my friend suggested that I work with them. Not great money, but the atmosphere was fun. Now keep in mind, that was "pre-desktop publishing". Yep, traditional pen and exacto blade in hand - as well as creatively using type reels and a photocopier. The real challenge was understanding the clients needs and coming up with a concept that communicated their message - and doing all that in a limited space, with limited attention span by the audience. Think about it, someone is driving their car at 50 mph through town, weaving in and out of traffic - and if you do your job right, your concept catches their attention and you get 1.5 seconds to communicate your message. No small type. No click for more info. No below the fold. Like I said, challenging. But I learned a lot about communicating a message. That explains my short, choppy sentences.

After graduation, I became the Creative Director for Crystal Communications (1991-1996), a small communications/design fim. I managed all the clients, creatives, and artists. That was a great job and served as my leap into desktop publishing - Photoshop v.1, corelDraw, Freehand, Quark, Illustrator - and I loved it. We did brochures, signs, posters, identity packages, forms, newsletters, and more. We were busy and the clients were good and diverse (ranging from small restaurants and businesses to large healthcare and finacial institutions).

In 1996 I was hired by Columbia Health Care of Central Kentucky (1996-1999) where I managed all print, collateral, brand identity and web design/development for 6 Central Kentucky hospitals and all related product lines. I also consulted in marketing/campaign strategies and advertising media buys. That was a great opportunity, and I loved the challenge. I also maintained many clients on the side, getting more and more into online development.

In 1999, a friend from Greenville, SC convinced me to move and start 10Best.com.
As Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for 10Best, Inc. (1999-2009), I oversaw all product development for the company including design, development and maintenance of the 10Best product across a variety of platforms and mobile devices. I helped build 10Best from the ground up, cultivating it from concept to reality and served as the main UI Guy and Web/Graphic designer for all aspects of 10Best – including 10Best.com and all design and development for our Solutions clients. As is typical with small, fast-moving companies, responsibilities were numerous and ever-changing.

I was also integral in the concept, strategy, design, and development of 10Best’s ecommerce startup, Unaira, which aggregates and delivers transactional products and services. The new product was developed for Amadeus NA and then was successfully launched with Amadeus Global, while working closely with offices in France, Germany, UK, and US.

In November 2009, I joined a B2B marketing firm called radii (2009-present) as a partner and acting Creative Director, assuming responsibility for website development, art direction, design and print production. Our clients are in a variety of industries and include IPS, J.C. Steele and Sons, HSI, Machine Labortory, Stark RFID, JMMS, and Avery Dennison - to name a few.

I continue to do freelance projects for long-time friends and clients - and I'm known to take on the additional interesting project from time to time. So if you're intrested in working with me, please contact me and let's discuss how I can help.


*And if you'd like any references, they're available upon request.

At a Glance


Graphic/Web Design

Web Development

Print Design

Brand Identity

Heuristic Evaluation

Communication Design

UI Design/Wireframing

Low/Hi-Fi Prototyping

Mobile Design

Team Management

Goals Analysis














Keyword Studies

Usage Analytics

Focus Groups


SEO Tools

Worked With


Radisson Hotels

Amadeus Global

Fairmont Hotels

Holiday Inn




To Do List

“Shake” by Apple


Husband & Father


Font Junkie



BA in Marketing/Advertising
Minor in English Literature
University of Kentucky 1990



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